International TV linkup
Moscow –GCC 2022
May 18 |Rossiya Segodnya news agency’s press center
About the event
The trade turnover between Russia and the Middle East countries stood at $54.91 billion in 2021. Last year, Moscow accounted for 36.5% of the overall Russian trade with Middle East countries. The trade turnover of Moscow reached $20.04 billion, up 56.1% from 2020.

Russia is actively cooperating with members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in both political and economic fields. Extensive investment projects are being implemented with the participation of Russia and GCC countries.
International TV linkup’s goal
To promote industrial and investment cooperation between Moscow and foreign countries
Primary objectives
Boosting of cooperation and partnership. Discuss current needs and hindrances
Raise recognizability and competitiveness of Moscow products in promising foreign countries
Exchange of experience and best foreign practices in foreign economic field
The Moscow City government (Moscow Department for Investment and Industrial Policy)
Foreign partners, businessmen from GCC countries, sectoral associations and unions, experts - practitioners
Russian and Moscow businessmen
Event program
Arrival of guests. Welcome coffee
Plenary session
“Opportunities of Trade and Economic Cooperation of Moscow companies with partners in GCC Countries.”
Press briefing
by the Moscow Department for Investment and Industrial Policy
Round table
“Agro-Industrial Sector: Formula of Success”
Round table
“Horizon of Opportunity: Reality of Industrial Cooperation”
Round table
“Security System as Foundation for Cooperation”
Coffee break
4, Zubovsky Blvd., Moscow
International multimedia press center of Rossiya Segodnya
Live stream
Plenary meeting “Opportunities of Trade and Economic Cooperation between Moscow Companies and Partners in GCC Countries”
Roundtable “Horizon of Opportunities: Reality of Industrial Cooperation”
Roundtable: “Agro-Industrial Sector: Recipe for Success”
Roundtable “Security System as Foundation of Collaboration”
A primary objective of Moscow is to support and promote competitive industrial goods made in the city in foreign markets and to boost exports by Moscow companies. This is the goal of the intensive work the Mosprom center for support to exports, industry and investments, which operates under the Moscow Department for Investment and Industrial Policy, has been doing since April 2019.